Mint price: 0.03 ETH + GAS

Participate in the Treasure Hunt Puzzle!
Every time a Fluffy PunkCat is minted, one piece of the puzzle opens.
Find the Ethereum symbol and win 0.5Ξ. More details here...


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About Fluffy PunkCats

Enough time has passed for the PunkCats to grow up and be able to reproduce. And now cute Fluffy PunkCats are born. 10,000 fluffy tails happily meowing run to the blockchain to find their owners, curl up on their knees and purr.

You can meet several types of Fluffy PunkCats: common females and males, zombies, apes and aliens. They have 2 length of fur, 7 colors of fur and 7 colors of eyes. And they adore 87 types of accessories that remind them of punks.

Our journey in the universe of PunkCats continues. We are very excited to develop Cats and we are happy to increase our family with Fluffy PunkCats. We will make every effort to ensure that PunkCats continue to be a friendly and caring community that will become not only friends of cats, but also friends for each other.











Airdrop for owners of pixel PunkCats

PunkCat Puzzle

Treasure hunt for cat owners


Reinvesting profits in the community and voting for further development


Opening access to HD cats and the possibility of using cats in AR, for example as filters and masks for social media


Metaverse integration and purchase of Metaverse Lands


Events, physical collectibles and charity

RoadMap 2.0

The game, the development of the Catonomic and adaptation to the rapidly developing NFT-universe

Maternity leave

Mother of Cats has been giving birth to cats since March 2021 and she wants a week off


How can I adopt a Fluffy PunkCat?

• You can mint a Fluffy PunkCat on our website. At the time of PURRRchase, Fluffy PunkCat will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and OpenSea account. You will need Metamask wallet and ETH to mint them. Minting one Fluffy PunkCat costs 0.03 ETH + GAS.

• You can pick up a newborn Fluffy PunkCat from the shelter on the OpenSea.

• If you have a PunkCat, you can feel like a Cupid and create a perfect breeding couple. But love is evil, and cats prefer variety, so pairs cannot repeat themselves when breeding. You can learn more about breeding here

I have PunkCats, how can I breed them?

• Fill out the form:

• PunkCats should live in the same wallet

• Fluffy PunkCat is sent to the same wallet where the parents live

• PunkCats reproduce in a limited way: 3 times with different partners for common cats; and 2 times for rare zombie, ape and alien. Moving to a new owner will not return the cat's virginity. Common cats breed in the traditional way, once with one partner, but three times in total (with different partners). But with zombies, apes and aliens, everything is much easier, they don't need a mate.

You can:
• choose your cats for breeding
• arrange a cat orgy (all possible variants of cats will be born)
• keep cat for sale so that they find a mate in another house.

The experienced midwife will be with you throughout the breeding.

What is a Puzzle and how can I win ETH?

To make the minting even more interesting, we came up with a Treasure Hunt Puzzle for the owners of PunkCats and Fluffy PunkCats.

Every time a Fluffy PunkCat is minted, one piece of the puzzle opens. There are 50 ETH symbol hidden in this picture. When the ETH symbol opens, you must send a screenshot of the found ETH to discord. The first one who finds the ETH symbol will get 0.5 ETH. 10000 pieces, 50 hidden ETH symbols, 50 winning people.

There are only three conditions:

• you must have a PunkCat or a Fluffy PunkCat (if you are not the owner, the prize will be taken by the first owner who duplicates your screenshot)

• the ETH symbol must be visible by more than 80% (half of the ETH symbol doesn't count, even if it is clear that it is ETH; wait for the missing puzzle pieces to open)

• the screenshot must be placed in the discord.

When 10,000 Fluffy PunkCats are born, the puzzle will open completely. Help ordinary cats find ETH and get into the NFT world!

What is the Catonomic like?

90% of the profit from the PunkCats collection was returned to create Fluffy PunkCats and airdrop for PunkCat owners. We will continue to return most of the profits for the development of Fluffy PunkCats, to ensure longevity of our project by implementing utility consistently. The community will vote how to use it.

We will sweep the floor, so all the cats for games and giveaways will be bought by us on the secondary market.

Tell us about the development of the community and interaction with it?

All our cats are a pass to the PunkCat Universe. Each holder given ownership and commercial usage rights of their Fluffy PunkCat(s).

If your cat is sad, you can jump into our discord. You can also follow us onTwitter. We appreciate your support and participation in the development of the project, and Mother of Cats smiles every time she sees your tweet mentioning cats.

The community drives our value, so we are happy to listen to your ideas and suggestions. And we, in turn, will surprise our members with prizes, games etc. during the journey with us!

What awaits cats in Roadmap 2.0?

We don't want to use promises on why you should mint Fluffy PunkCat. We set real goals for ourselves and are focused on what we can do to develop the project now.

The obvious future direction of PunkCats is integration into the Metaverse, and we believe this is important for long-term success. While we are adapting 3D cats to live in the virtual world, we will add fun for owners with treasure hunting and other mini-games.

PunkCats have always been a community driven project. Community involvement will play a major role in all decisions and will be an integral part to this project's success. The roadmap may change depending on how the community decides to proceed.

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